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I only have a really old tutorial for a much earlier version of SimCloth... unfortunately not only does it not work even the settings/option have different names so I have no idea what I'm doing.

Where can I find tutorials that apply to the later verisions of SimCloth??? I've looked everywhere I could think of online!

I've read up the help file but it doesn't help.

Problems I'm having..

I tried a simple test - the table cloth tutorial for the older version

1. For some reason the ends of of the cloth do not fall to drape around the table?

2. I animated the table rotating....and the cloth does not fall with the side of the table going down.

Once I figure out how to get SimCloth to work properly I intend to use it to make a cape of a character who's obviously not just gonna be standing there like a statue.

The help file tells what the different settings are for... I've tried changing them around but nothing seems to work.


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