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Note: You will need the the divix 3.1 alpha codec to view this file. You can download it here


             Ah... here we have the famous Aziz Mir. He was a good friend of mine back in high school. He's probably  one of the smartest and nuttiest people I ever met. In between classes he'd run around the room jumping over desks and screaming like a chicken.

           The inspiration for this animation came from an english assignment back then. We were given some details about a pilot who crashed his plane and how a young farm boy rescued him from the wreckage. Then we had to write an article for a newspaper about it. We used to get lot of assignments like that writing formal letters to editors and companies etc.  I'd always take these serious assignments and really  twist them into these really crazy scenarios. Funny thing is I'd always get a good grade for them and the teacher never commented on how insane I'd make them.

Any ways so we have Aziz Mir, the ace combat pilot, flying  around. He gets distracted, crashes his plane and is pulled out of the wreckage by Little Bo Peep.  There's quite a bit more to the story but that's all I managed to get done at the time. One day I'd like to complete this animation and have it fully colored with sound and everything Unfortunately I no longer have access to the equipment I'd need to do it..

All images were created by Waqas N. Hussain, and therefore are his copyrights, unless otherwise noted.

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